• Apex legends best macros

    Apex legends best macros

    Test our new macro for Apex Legends! Working with the newest version after season 4majority of weapons included, easy to use instructions available on our site. Macro in a general meaning is a command list for some kind of program to automate things.

    For us it means, that macro contains commands for mouse, so it knows how to move and when. It can also make a gun shoot faster, as we can set time values quicker than you would be able to click continuously.

    That makes macro a very handy tool. Video presents usage of. Logitech version is slightly less accurate but still very good — due to their mouse abilities. Macro package offers you recoil compensation scripts for following guns:.

    Apex Legends No Recoil Macro

    All weapon patterns have been recently updated. Macros were created recently and tested after season 4 launch. Update: Macro was tested after Season 4. Last Test on Macro is dedicated for testing purposes only. Do not use in game.

    ShazyOnYou — 12 April Sergio Rodriguez — 22 March Best macros hands down. Would recommend if they could make the macro with 2.

    apex legends best macros

    Kamil Kadlubek — 10 February Wkhtmltopdf margins — 6 January Carlos Smith — 7 December SpeakerD3stroyer — 23 November Christopher Braune — 22 October Macro is great — wonderful stability. I have high hopes for macro for incoming Modern Warfare.

    SameSh1tDifferentDay — 18 September GummyBeer — 1 September Tested it today and works really good. I can recommend using it with R, this SMG becomes a beast with it XD R have small recoil by default, but macro still helps little bit.

    This is what I was looking for.

    Apex Legends tips (Season 4) - Apex Legends guide with 100 practical top tips for all skill levels

    Thanks guys for your work. Sir Michu — 29 July ShroudzZz — 16 June Jana Rodriguez — 1 June Mickael Joshuer — 26 May Mike Aboardcast — 1 May You must register to post or download hacks. Follow MPGH. Remember Me?

    apex legends best macros

    Other First Person Shooter Hacks. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of I created this logitech macro in 2 days. Found correct values for r99 Flatline and Spitfire. There is R macro but its not really good. This macro can also work for x2 x3 x4 scopes. Noice Job Really good job dude!

    Love it! If it isnt too much work make one for every gun. Sooo many people would use that! Wonderful Job!!

    apex legends best macros

    Or just the code needed and I'll find the values!! I would love that so much!! Originally Posted by rudsec. I didn't understand the key binds help?? How are the keybinds executed? Just press the buttons in the game when the weapon is equipped or how to execute the script? I'm attempting to translate this into AHK so people can use it on any mouse.

    I get an error when importing this code in logitech scripting software. The top line is highlighted red and the error message is "attempt to call a nil value".

    Very cool, still waiting for some Razer macros. Can someone make macro for bloody mouses? You will get banned It does work but your account will be banned. So make sure you use an alt. It isn't worth a ban IMO. Originally Posted by jadonas.February I have logitech mouse, didn't even used macros, and got banned probably the logitech software made so? After contacting support which was supposed to answer within 72h, they answered after h 9 days giving not intelligent, automatic answer didn't even give any real reason for ban.

    If they really want to get rid of macros from game, they would add little bit randomized recoil and dead-time between shots. This would completely get rid of no recoil and rapidfire macros. Thinking their logic now, they should ban: razer, corsair, a4tech, logitech, hyperx, sharkoon and all other mices and keyboards.

    February - last edited February And using voice recognition software, which don't give a advantage due to his own voice recognition lag, but is useful to call the map, or start or stop video record, or to take screenshot and some other minor tasks that don't affect the gameplay?

    Ofc, isn't the solution for rapid actions like, aiming, firing, reloading, running, jumping, refill life or energy, I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.

    apex legends best macros

    I will not answer to any unsolicited PM. Yes, macros can land you a ban. Do not use them. Generally speaking what is permitted is rempaing buttons to other buttons and each button performing one button action. For example you might want to bind your W to your left click and you fire to your M5 you can do that. This is not going to land you a ban. Using a macro that presses more than one buttons and at specific patterns delay that can land you a ban and will most likely trigger the anticheat system.

    April April - last edited April February Will that be counted as cheating? February - last edited February We want the Apex Legends play experience to be fair and fun for everyone. Cheating is against our rules. Found a cool post? Was it the solution to the question? This perfect and repetitive pattern will or might trigger a ban. Only a machine can do such perfect timing. Humans can not.

    So you have to be running a 3rd party whatever. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

    Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Zombies Heroes Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Other Plants vs. Zombies Games Plants vs.

    Zombies Garden Warfare 1 Plants vs. Zombies 2 Other Plants vs. Using macros on Apex Legends. February Can I get banned for using gaming peripheral macros? Me too. Message 1 of 31 17, Views.

    Re: Using macros on Apex Legends. February if the macro is an anti recoil script or. Message 2 of 31 17, Views. Message 3 of 31 17, Views. February so what. Message 4 of 31 17, Views. February - last edited February Hey there!Home Help Search Login Register. Any way to use macro's with Apex and will there still be aim assist? Read times. For example if i want to play Fortnite that with 1 press on the keyboard i can switch to my weapons and F1-F4 switch to building materials?

    Even if the Xim doesnt support this will there be a way to do something like this? Also as the XIM pretends to be a controller, does this mean that there will still be aim assist?

    I hope all is clear and someone can help me, thanks in advance. There are other devices which allow you to use macros though, I would recommend searching for those because the question has been asked many times. Aim assist is an in-game mechanic. XIM cannot modify a game's code or how it runs. There are things you can do in the XIM to minimize the perceived effect of aim-assist depending on a whole lot of variables about what game you're playing and how you play.

    Original Post

    People continually ask this question, so I want to make sure it's absolutely clear: It's impossible for an external device to remove aim assist from a game. If you want macros, then pickup a Titan One or Titan Two. They will provide you with all the macro goodness that you can handle. You'd need a Titan Two to go with a Xim.

    Plug the kb into T2 instead of the Xim to bind weapons and building parts to keys. Fortunately, that's entirely possible, if not practical and it's not easy to do without decent knowledge of the T2. It also doesn't grant any advantage over the default controls and the weapon tracking can and will go wacky.

    If anything, you're gimping yourself at the worst possible moment. Follow Twitter for live stream alerts. SMF 2.A pex Legends is an extremely popular game with both gamers and streamers worldwide. So, where do you start? With the peripherals, of course. Your mouse and keyboard make a lot of difference.

    And, even though a mouse is a fairly personal thing, choosing the best keyboard for Apex Legends can be done quite easily. Regardless of your budget, and whether you appreciate the noise a mechanical keyboard makes, we have a list of options for you below.

    There are Cherry MX Speed switches inside, which are linear switches with a 45g actuation force. Compared to the highly popular Red switches, the Speeds have an actuation point at 1. If you have other compatible products, iCUE lets you control them and synchronize the lighting across the board. It also comes with 8MB of storage, so you can create macros and profiles and store them on your keyboard.

    It also has the added bonus of IP67 water resistance. The switches are Brown switches, which are tactile but still good for gaming and all-around use. There are 18 backlight modes for you to choose from, and you can pretty much adjust everything. It also has a brushed aluminum frame to add some durability, as well as a gold-plated USB port.

    All things considered, it is an excellent option for both gaming, and general use. Razer is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, names in the gaming peripherals industry. Their BlackWidow is an excellent example of their quality, and may very well be the best keyboard for Apex Legends. To begin with, it comes with Razer mechanical switches. You can choose between yellow silent and linearorange silent and tactile or green clicky and tactile switches.

    To round out the package, you get USB and 3. The price may be a bit high for some, but if you can afford it, this is definitely a great option for gamers. Just like Razer and Corsair make quite a lot of flashy gaming products, HyperX tends to lean towards more minimalist, subtle designs. Their Alloy FPS is a great example of this, designed with a steel frame with minimal bezels, which takes up just as much space as the keys themselves.

    MOUSE SENSITIVITY GUIDE for Apex Legends - How to set it up and practice aim

    All of these things make it an excellent combination for gamers. Last but not least, we have a USB port that you can use for charging, which comes in handy. SteelSeries is another one of those brands that have been around seemingly forever, and their products have evolved with time. Their Apex M sits just below the M in the lineup and is one of their premium mechanical keyboards. The keyboard is made of series aluminum alloy, which is durable and lightweight.

    The Apex M has very good software integration. GameSense illumination will let the backlight respond to in-game events, such as your health level, low ammo, etc.

    Key customization is done via the SteelSeries Engine, and you can set up macros and profiles as well. Their G Orion Spark keyboard is made with gamers in mind and has quite a bit of advanced features.

    The RGB illumination can be customized per-key, and there are 16 million colors for you to choose from. You also have 9 additional keys, known as G-keys, which allow you to create custom macros and bind them to the buttons.A pex Legends has taken the gaming world by storm.

    It features a new take on the battle royale genre and is focused more on working together with your team to be the last one standing.

    However, Apex Legends is a fast-paced first-person battle royale game that requires you to maintain good accuracy during the duration of its long time to kill. Therefore, having a good mouse that allows you to quickly aim and maintain your accuracy is a must.

    For that reason, we have reviewed the best mice for Apex Legends that will help you improve your aim and make you a consistent champion. When you need the best mouse for Apex Legends, you need something that will allow you quick, smooth movements without weighing you down. To begin with, the main feature of it is the weight, or better yet, lack of it — the entire mouse comes in at 67 grams. This allows you to flick it left and right with ease.

    The entire mouse has a honeycomb structure with holes all around it, which also impacts the RGB lights — they look stunning. In terms of performance, you have an industry standard Pixart sensor, and you can set DPI to any values you like, with the included software. You can change them with the DPI button at the bottom. The Logitech G Pro Wireless gaming mouse offers the hassle-free experience of gaming wirelessly without sacrificing performance.

    This gaming mouse is medium in size and is lightweight being only 80g. It also features an ergonomic ambidextrous design which makes it good for both left handed and right handed gamers. There are 2 buttons on each side, which can be very helpful if you assign them to specific in-game tasks. The side buttons can also be removed as well for maximum customization. This mouse is great for both small handed and big handed individuals as well.

    Even though this mouse is wireless, it still features an incredible 1ms response time which delivers rock-solid performance and connection. The mouse is very durable and it has a 50 million click durability making it solid for clicker games. It offers up to 48 hours of battery life if the LED lights are on and up to 60 hours if they are turned off.

    An overall pretty solid mouse which offers a great battery life, great build quality, great precision, and reliability. The Finalmouse Air58 Ninja is one of the lightest, if not the lightest, mouse out there. It weighs only, from the name itself, 58 grams. This mouse has 2 side buttons and a middle button under the scroll wheel. It also has a great build quality matched with an elegant design suited for all ages.


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