• Dell xps 13 stuck hibernating

    Dell xps 13 stuck hibernating

    I have a dell xps m running on vista and its stuck in hibernation mode. I know this for sure because I took it to a PC repair shop when it was doing the same thing it is now. They told me it was stuck in hibernation mode and fixed it up for me. I don't want to pay them again so does anyone know how to fix this? Also I can't access windows so I can't open commands. This clears your RAM and is like a hardware reset. If the problem persists, did you check if it could be your dell xps m laptop power cord or power source problem?

    Defective or insufficient power supply might cause error messages that are misleading. Take the battery out and power on your laptop with the charger only. Make sure your laptop power jack and charger plug tip are securely connected. Did you notice the power jack loose? You can find laptop power jack on ebay. Fixing and soldering the power jack requires professional skill though.

    If not, replace the defective charger. As OP said - hard power down your PC. Remove the battery and mains power for at least 30 seconds and restart. Vista is rubbish - not that this helps in the short term but an upgrade to 7 or downgrade to XP might be a plan. Good luck! For future reference disable Hiberation mode, it's a piece of crap.

    Windows 10 hangs on wake up after sleep on DELL XPS13

    Basically it takes a snapshot of your window state and saves that to disc cost you about 2G of extra spacebecause it's crazy complicated half the time it doesn't restore correctly. I would just stick with sleep mode. In Hibernation mode, the PC is physically turned off and the power light is off.

    Turn it back on to get out of Hibernation mode. The power light is still on. Pressing a keyboard key or moving the mouse is supposed to wake it up, but if they're not set up to do that, your only hope is to power off with the physical power switch and keep your fingers crossed.

    Sometimes you have to hold the switch in for five seconds to power down. Right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop and Select Properties. Click the Hardware tab.

    Click the Device Manager button. Click Keyboards. Right-click your keyboard and select Properties. Click the Power Management tab. Check the "Allow this device to wake the computer" checkbox. Click OK. Repeat steps for Mice and Other Pointing devices.

    OK out of everything. Under Windows Vista: 1. Right-click the Computer icon and select Properties. Click Device Manager item on the left. Click Keyboards to open it up.Log in or Sign up.

    dell xps 13 stuck hibernating

    Hello guys, Anyone like me, manually turn off the hibernate in win8 by using command prompt "pwrcfg -hibernate off"? I found that the factory default of XPS 13 is in a "semi-hibernate" mode while you power off the machine, however I want a clean "shutdown" to make sure all cold start and shutdown leave without any previous sessions data. I never bothered turning off hibernate. I just change my Power Options behavior settings to do other things when I close the lid or hit the power button.

    Yes, I keep that off. I just do a full boot every time. Boot times are so fast on an SSD that waiting for a full boot is almost irrelevant. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads - turn hibernate. Replies: 8 Views: Meaker Sager Apr 12, at PM.

    dell xps 13 stuck hibernating

    Alienware M17x R4 - How to turn it on with lid closed? PsiwentylApr 8,in forum: Alienware. Replies: 7 Views: TheReciever Apr 9, at AM. Area 51m How to turn off AutoScroll when scrolling through lots of files? Spartan Apr 8, Replies: 16 Views: Toshiba laptop that will not turn on. ThomoFeb 13,in forum: Toshiba. Replies: 1 Views: Charles P. Jefferies Feb 13, Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

    Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

    Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

    Close the screen of my notebook Dell XPS13 and system goes to sleepand than open and wake up on Windows 10 is not working: I cannot even reboot or shut down. We appreciate you for being part of Windows System file check is a utility built into the Operating System that will check for system file corruption.

    I suggest you to refer the below link on how to perform System File Checker and check if it helps.

    Fix your Dell laptop standby/hibernation hang

    Details are included in the CBS. Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files. Boot the computer in Safe Mode and place the computer in Clean Boot and check if the issue persists. Safe mode starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers. Startup programs don't run in safe mode, and only the basic drivers needed to start Windows are installed. I would suggest you to try the steps in the below Microsoft help article on How to Boot into Safe mode.

    A clean boot is performed to start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This helps eliminate software conflicts that occur when you install a program or an update or when you run a program in Windows. I would suggest you to refer the below Microsoft help article on How to Perform Clean boot. Disclaimer : Please reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting with clean boot by referring above article.

    Kindly let us know if you need any further assistance with Windows. We are glad to assist you.

    dell xps 13 stuck hibernating

    Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. April 14, Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site.

    GordanRancic Created on August 11, Still problems with Win The normal operation that was working well on Win8: Close the screen of my notebook Dell XPS13 and system goes to sleepand than open and wake up on Windows 10 is not working: I cannot even reboot or shut down. Any help? Thank you. This thread is locked.I am using the factory install. The following items are preventing hibernation on this system. The system firmware does not support hibernation.

    So does this mean the XPS 13 can't use this feature? Seems strange that a laptop, even an ultrabook, wouldn't be able to hibernate.

    While the XPS 13 boots quickly, and sleep mode does work, there are many times were I want to turn it off, but keep all of my files open and ready for when I turn it back on. Sleep allows this, but the battery still drains in sleep, where leaving it in hibernate would not affect the battery. To check further click on start,click on the triangle pointing to the right,next to Shut down and post a screen shot along with the menu displayed when you click on that triangle.

    I will post some screen shots when I get home tonight. However, the only options I have the triangle next to Shut down are reboot, sleep, and maybe lock, and switch user, and log off. There is definately no hibernate choice. I also went into the Advanced Power Options settings and under the "sleep" category hibernate isn't listed.

    When I go to the "power buttons and lid" section, the only options are to have it sleep, shutdown, or do nothing. I'll get screen shots of this tonight as well. I also tried the Microsoft "Fix it" to enable hibernation located here, but it just gave a generic failure. Lastly, I tired the "powercfg.

    So when I get home tonight, I will grab and post screenshots of all of these, and retry the "powercfg. Even though the account I was logged into was an administrator, I may still have to elevate the command prompt, I'm not sure, so worth a shot. Hi Thomas, thanks for the reply. I can't find any articles or information online that Hibernate is only available on Pro and Ultimate. Do you have a link to any information that confirms Hibernate is only available on Win7 Pro or Ultimate?

    I found the following whitepaper here:. I have seen the ultrabook in sleep mode where it has the pulsating power indicator on the front. After several minutes it will stop pulsating. Now I know why. I have multiple Window 7 PCs, all multiple manufactures, and only on the ones running Pro and Ultimate include a hibernate function. I may be wrong, but this is based on own experience.

    So I set the Intel Rapid Start in the bios to activate after the ultrabook is asleep for 2 minutes. I put it to sleep, then after 2 minutes instead of going into rapid start hibernate, it just wakes back up.

    I tried it set to immediately as well, so as soon as I tell it to sleep it should hibernate, but it doesn't, it still just wakes back up. I have uninstall and reinstalled the Rapid Start drivers, I have deleted and recreated the hibernation partition, and have diabled and reenabled it in the bios, still wakes right back up. Anyone know where that software might be available? I didn't see it on the Dell site under the XPS 13 drivers.

    I saw another thread that having TPM enabled in the bios will cause issues with this, but I do not have that enabled. Dell only has the Intel Rapid Start 1. I found the install for the 1. Unfortunately the manager software only has the same settings as in the bios, and the newer version didn't correct the issue.

    I'm at a loss. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.I tried turning off fast startup, tried disabling hibernation which is a bummer that's the mode I truly want. The does not behave as a normal laptop. Certain power situations appear and are different. For instance, when the display turns off the system goes into a low power mode.

    During that time you can hit the space bar and it will turn back on. If you allow it to stay in low power mode for the Hibernation timer to kick in, you need to hold the power button for about a second until the keyboard lights come back on and the system should come out of hibernation.

    Check all your settings for sleep and hibernation when on an off battery. The sleep timer is a little strange because all I can see it effects are such things as Desktop apps, like iTunes, which will turn pause at the end of that time.

    Having said this, about a year ago there was a problem with the systems not being able to hibernate and would come back on when a shutdown was requested. The RTC reset did work then but may not now. This is where the turning off Fast Startup would help and allow the system to shutdown. If you know how it is designed to function, you can recognize inappropriate behavior better.

    Some folks were hacking the registry in order to get around Modern Standby. I think that option was overridden in ongoing updates so if you did that you may want to undo it. I don't remember if you said when you got your system but the new ones come with an 8th generation processor so what you are seeing may not happen on mine. Have you ever run a Sleep Study on the system? Open administrative command prompt and type the command below. If you haven't seen one before, we can help to interpret.

    Just make sure to note where the report is saved so you can copy it to the desktop to read. Knowing the times when power events happen will make it easier to track the entries in the report. Modern standby is the alternative to sleep and uses less power. It is nice to be able to get your display back immediately rather than going through the spinning dots you get from returning from hibernation.

    I have my system set to hibernate after and hour or two when on battery. I still have not found a solution to this problem, since this one came with windows I cannot figure out which linux flavor it came with so having a hard time testing if shutdown would work in linux.

    How to Solve Laptop Hibernating Problem - Windows 10 Laptop Screen Stuck Hibernating

    I am having the same problem with my XPS 13 This is a very frustrating problem for an otherwise excellent laptop. Also note, their reply says they won't cover the machine if it starts in the bag and is damaged by overheat. There needs to be an answer here or I'm opening tickets until it meets my state's Lemon law threshold.

    Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. XPS 13won't shut down or hibernate completely. Ok, I restored my xps 13 and loaded all new drivers etc, windows 10 home anyways here's the big problem I try to turn it off and the screen goes out the keyboard goes out looks fine right?Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

    Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. I would like to have some information regarding this issue.

    Does this happen every time you try to log off or put the computer to sleep? Was the laptop battery drained out of charge at the time you were trying to log off or put the computer to sleep?

    What were the recent changes that you have made on the computer prior to this issue? In order to resolve this issue, I would suggest you to try the following methods and check if this issue persists. You may also try powering the laptop off by pressing and holding its button down for 10 seconds. This should release the hibernation mode. Once you are able to restart the computer normally, you may also try creating or changing the power plan of your laptop and then check if the issue persists.

    You may refer the link given below:. This troubleshooter is an automated Windows 8 inbuilt tool which finds and fixes the common issues with the Power settings of the computer. Perform these steps to run this tool and check if that helps. Hope this resolves the issue. If this issue persists, then please do get back to us with the results of the above methods and with all the additional information.

    We will be glad to help you further. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. April 14, Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Site Feedback.I've got a nice XPSyes, it's around 2 years old, but I have noticed over the last few months that it doesn't hibernate. Or, more accurately, it doesn't come out of hibernate successfully. I can hibernate it, and it tries to do so automatically when the battery gets low and it's already asleep, but then when I push the power button to turn it back on, it just hangs on the Dell POST screen.

    No spinning dots and no "restoring" message to tell me that it's bringing my system state back from the SSD. I've been playing with various settings to try and make it work. I've disabled and re-enabled hibernate using powercfg -h off and powercfg -h on, which supposedly refreshes hiberfil.

    dell xps 13 stuck hibernating

    I have run the power management troubleshooter in windows, I have done a sleep study, I've made sure Windows 10 is fully patched and I have upgraded all BIOS and drivers applicable. My problem is that in sleep, the battery does still gradually discharge, and I don't need it to gradually discharge while I'm sleeping, for instance.

    It would make so much more sense if I could hibernate it then and lose no battery overnight. Or if I am in the car for more than an hour or two. Got it fixed! Next I went to dell. Based on my searching, I found it most likely the issue was with Intel RapidStorage Technology drivers and video drivers, so I re-downloaded and installed these.

    After a reboot I found that hibernate wasn't an option on the power menu. After doing that, I rebooted again. Following the reboot, I find that when I go into hibernate and then press power button to wake it back up, it recovers back to where it was when I hibernated! The battery is going to discharge regardless.

    Now if it is draining rapidly then the battery could be at fault. You can normally check in the BIOS about the battery health. There is no way to stop battery discharge. Of course, all rechargeable batteries discharge over time even when there's no load on them. The point I am getting at is that when the computer is in sleep, it is still consuming power from the battery. When the computer is in hibernate, the hardware is powered off. It is not consuming power. It has stored the system state to hiberfil.

    In real terms, I can easily get hours of continuous use on a fully charged battery. What I am trying to do is minimize the load on the battery when I am not using the machine. I'd be perfectly happy if the machine would sleep for maybe the first 2 hours so I can quickly bring it back up, but then have it go into hibernate after 2 hours of inactivity so it will consume no power at all.

    Bob, is there a way to actually delete hiberfil. The only thing I have found says basically to disable hibernation, reboot, then re-enable hibernation, then reboot again i. I have gone through the steps in the doc you linked, and completed all items except where the item doesn't exist for my machine i. You mention that is just started in the last month or two.

    Was it working before that or were you just not using hibernate? If one thing stands out in tech support, it is to know what was happening around the time that the problem started to occur.

    If you have any details on something that happened around the time that you notice HIB failing, that could lead us in the right path. The powercfg commands you mention are the correct tools for turning HIB and on off. One think you should do is verify that that the hiberfil.

    So run the command to turn it off, then reboot, then look in the root of the boot drive for the hiberfil.


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