• Famous filipino artists

    Famous filipino artists

    Blogging about all the Famous Filipino Artists. Famous Filipino Illustrators. They are really great and best of all Famous Filipino artists in terms of illustrations. Email This BlogThis! Famous Filipino Architects. There are many great Filipino Architects but the following are among the Famous Filipino Architects who was recogrnized as the National Artists of the Philippines for their best and exceptional works: Pablo Antonio - The facade of the main building of the Far Eastern University, designed by Pablo Antonio in the late s.

    Ildefonso Santos I. Labels: Famous Filipino Architects. Famous Filipino Sculptors. There are many notable Famous Filipino Sculptors. Luz and David Medalla. Labels: Famous Filipino Sculptor. Famous Filipino Painters. Circa, Fabian de la Rosa, Victorio C.

    Edades, Jose Fadul, Carlos V. Ocampo, Onib Olmedo, Alfonso A. Those Famous Filipino Painters have excellent work of arts that really made them famous. Their famous works wow classic instance lockout be researched and will be posted here for your reading and viewing. Labels: Famous Filipino Painter. National Artists of the Philippines. To start with, this blog will first introduce the most famous Filipino artists.

    They are no other than the National Artists of the Philippines. Edades, Carlos V. Francisco, Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero, Nick Joaquin, F.

    Ocampo, Fernando Poe, Jr. Romulo, Lucio D. San Pedro, Edith L.Pacita Abad Her early paintings were primarily figurative socio-political works of people and primitive masks. Another series was large scale paintings of underwater scenes, tropical flowers and animal wildlife. Pacita's most extensive body of work, however, is her vibrant, colorful abstract work - many very large scale canvases, but also a number of small collages - on a range of materials from canvas and paper to bark cloth, metal, ceramics and glass.

    Abad created over 4, artworks. She painted a meter long Alkaff Bridge in Singapore and covered it with 2, multicolored circles. Dubbed "The Dean of Cebuano Painters", he was born to an artistic family.

    His main influence was his father, who was a school principal and a sculptor. Martino, along with his four brothers, including renowned sculptor and composer Dr. Ramon Abellana, were exposed to art early, and they helped their father with his sculptures. Federico Aguilar Alcuaz Federico Aguilar Alcuaz June 6, February 2, was an award winning Filipino painter who exhibited extensively Internationally and whose work earned him recognition both in the Philippines and abroad. However, four nominees for the award other than Alcuaz became embroiled in the National Artist of the Philippines Controversy, which led the Supreme Court of the Philippines to temporarily issue a status quo order on August 25,blocking the conferment of the awards on all seven nominees - despite the fact that no objections were ever raised regarding the conferment of the award to Alcuaz and two other nominees.

    The 10 Most Famous Filipino Artists and their Masterworks

    Fernando Amorsolo Amorsolo also painted a series of historical paintings on pre-Colonial and Spanish Colonization events. Amorsolo's Making of the Philippine Flag, in particular, was widely reproduced. His The First Baptism in the Philippines required numerous detailed sketches and colored studies of its elements.

    These diverse elements were meticulously and carefully set by the artist before being transferred to the final canvas. For his pre-colonial and 16th-century depiction of the Philippines, Amorsolo referred to the written accounts of Antonio Pigafetta, other available reading materials, and visual sources He consulted with the Philippine scholars of the time, H.

    Pardo de Tavera and Epifanio de los Santos.

    famous filipino artists

    When he was still eight years old, his family moved to Manila. He was sentenced and executed by firing squad in the hands of guerillas. He died in this manner at the Antipolo, Rizal in He was represented with 8 paintings in the Philippine Section at the St. He taught at the Philippine Normal School from to Marcel Antonio Antonio's inspiration often derives from various contemporary "mythologies", with the artist articulately stressing that his concept of mythology goes beyond the common Greek and Roman notion.

    He states: "Myth can be anything, just like what Joseph Campbell enunciated in The Power of Myth, where he discussed comparative mythology and the continuing role of myth in human society. Elito Circa In Amangpintor continue to paint "Lukso ng Dugo" Filipino term he uses his blood as medium for some of his painting and incorporates his hair in capturing on the canvass images of human persons or natures view, one who possesses the characteristics of truth in himself and he who refrains from colonialism in thoughts and materials.

    Combined with the philosophy of the painter who molded his thoughts and well-being, he is able to build self-confidence and self-esteem since his childhood. First Filipino artist uses own blood as paint and hairs as brushes and mix it with paint to have an effect on canvas.

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    He believed in reincarnation, which he will be reborn and recognize his paintings. But even if blood is not used in painting his subject, he always signs his name in his work of art with his own blood. The significance of his works connects arts and sciences principles through DNA the Hair and Blood as authenticity and also his unique spiritual beliefs especially in God.

    He was an uncle and mentor to the Philippines' national artist in painting, Fernando Amorsolo, and to his brother Pablo. He is regarded as a "master of genre" in Philippine art. Some of his murals have suffered damage over the years.

    The "Pageant of Commerce" emerged from several years of restoration in Forgot your password? Remember me? Instead of using these terms, we should take a people-first approach. They just happen to be PWDs as well. Despite allegations of graft and malversation before the Ombudsman, you can't discount the fact that Grace Padaca has shown fearlessness in the face of an established political dynasty.

    She is a survivor of polio and has used crutches for most of her life. Photo from The New York Times. After a stroke paralyzed his right hand and blinded his left eye inFernando had to learn how to paint with his left hand.

    He also moved from his use of oils and charcoal, to using watercolor. Despite his limited mobility, his artistic career continued to flourish. Excelling at the track and field events of the Paralympics, Raymond was just 18 years old when he made history as the first Filipino-American to win multiple gold medals.

    He was born with Freeman Sheldon Syndrome, which causes congenital deformity, but started to race using his wheelchair as early as his preschool days. At age seven, he competed in the National Junior Disability Championship.

    Photo from Inside the Games. This extremely successful businessman and sports lover is also a passionate advocate for people who are blind. After a vehicular accident inhe lost his vision. Still, his career continued to rise. In he was awarded the Paralympic Award, the highest honor for anyone involved in the Paralympic movement.

    Though she lost her sight as a child, she not only managed to graduate from one of the top universities in the nation—she also won every possible award that a graduating student could receive, including the highest honor of class valedictorian.

    Following her colorful academic life, she has spent her professional career working for leading tech companies around the world, contributing to the advancement of technologies for the blind. She somehow manages to be a motivational speaker as well.Forgot your password?

    Remember me? IMAGE vinquilop krisabrigo. The most talented and hardworking ones have toiled day and night to master their craft and be at par with the maestros and veterans. Filipino muralist Kris Abrigo is known for his abstract diagrams, geometric shapes, bright colors, and gradient designs. His Instagram account is likewise a splash of colors, mostly of his works-in-progress and newly finished works.

    He uses graphite pencils to illustrate his explorations and expressions about the city, such as a man with the head of a horse crossing the street and a lost deer under a flyover. Veronica Peralejo a. Veronica Pee majored in painting and graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts in But she quickly shifted to 3D creations, as seen in her installation pieces for her first solo exhibit in at Art Informal— Pocket Universewhich was shortlisted for the Ateneo Art Awards.

    She created sculptures of the microscopic images of parasites, cells, and other miniscule details. Peralejo also uses other materials, such as yarn, plastic tubes, speaker wires, and clotheslines for her works.

    Art runs in the blood of Carina Santos, granddaughter of famous artist Malang and offspring of gallery-owners Soler and Mona of West Gallery.

    She constantly switches from one medium to another, depending on whatever subject gets her attention. Santos has had five solo shows as of writing, starting with one at West Gallery in Laguna-based photographer Czar Kristoff often renders monochromatic images of city streets, skateboarding scenes, and other snippets from daily life.

    His last solo exhibit inConfigurationswas an exploration of urban development and featured photographs of construction sites, workers, half-done buildings, and so on. Rocky Cajigan is a multimedia artist from the Mountain Province. He was awarded the Ateneo Art Awards' Fernando Zobel Prizes for Visual Art for his solo show Museumifiedwhich featured 22 assemblage pieces and sculptures made up of found objects and artifacts from the Cordilleras.

    famous filipino artists

    He paints for fun, illustrates covers for magazines, and creates his own artful interpretations of movie posters. Check out his Instagram account for photos of his latest travels, mostly matched with his own quick sketches of beautiful scenery.

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    Catalina Africa Espinosa combines her love for nature and painting through her canvases. A surfer and beach-lover, she often revels in the fluidity and flux of the ocean in her artworks as in her solo shows The Floating Corner in and Studies on the Movement of Water in You can see her communing with nature on her Instagram account.

    A pre-school teacher by day, Jel Suarez' weapon of choice in the arts are pieces of paper from old books and found objects that she puts together in collages and assemblages. She recently exhibited her creations in Hong Kong for the annual Art Central. He often explores the concepts of time, change, and history in his artworks.

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    This is especially true in his most recent exhibit By Sword and Firewhich tries to reimagine the struggle of Filipinos during World War II through an assemblage of paintings, photographs, and original memorabilia from that period in history. More stories from Spot. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Spot. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies.Tolentino started studying in Malolos Intermediate School and continued his high school years in the same city.

    One of his famous works:. He became one of the first recognized Philippine artists. Yellow Confetti. Artwork: Bayanihan sa bukid. Currently lives and works between Manila, Philippines and Osaka, Japan.

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    Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. One of his famous works: 2. Spoliarium 3. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public.

    Name required. Create your website at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.List of Filipino actresses is a list of present and past notable Filipino actresses on stage, television and motion pictures in the Philippinesarranged in alphabetical order by first name.

    This is for female actreses only, Filipino actors are listed in the List of Filipino actors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. AC Bonifacio b. Ai-Ai de las Alas b. Aria Clemente b. Armida Siguion-Reyna — Arny Ross b. Ash Ortega b. Bangs Garcia b. Bianca Gonzalez b. Cacai Bautista b. Daiana Menezes b. Daisy Romualdez b. Denise Laurel b. Eda Nolan b. Ethel Booba b.

    Fe Amorsolo b. Toengi b. Ian Galliguez b. Jackie Lou Blanco b. Juvy Cachola K Brosas b. Lady Lee b. Maey Bautista b. Nadine Lustre b. Nikki Bacolod b. Olivia Cenizal — Pacita del Rio — Paraluman — Patricia Fernandez b. Rachel Alejandro b. Saab Magalona b. Taki Saito b.

    10 Famous Filipino Artists

    Valeen Montenegro b.Concepcion is a studio artist whose work experiments with intense emotion, deconstructing images in his paintings, sculptures, and installations. He creates art like recording a music album, where each painting is from a series of nine. He is a graduate of the University of the Philippines, with a Bachelor in Fine Arts while under the mentorship of pioneer conceptual artist Roberto Chabet.

    Concepcion returned to Manila in with a triumphant solo show at the U. He remains active on the Asian art scene and is a recent recipient of the 13th Artists Award by the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

    He initially taught in the same school after graduating but found his true calling as a visual artist after his first solo exhibition at the Drawing Room in Makati in His paintings are a dramatic union of comic sketches, reality, and graffiti.

    He draws inspiration from Asian mythology, Catholicism, science fiction and comic book characters. He has received artist residences in Singapore and Australia and was awarded the 13 Artists Award by the Cultural Center of the Philippines in His large-scale public art uses common objects and materials found in everyday environments.

    In the sand dunes of Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Leeroy collaborated with the local government to convert discarded water tanks and cement fountains into a post-apocalyptic park filled with sculptures.

    His most recent grant from the Burning Man Global Arts foundation was used to transform the most polluted waterway in Manila, the Pasig Riverwith floating installations — challenging views on the environment. Born in Caloocan City, Manila, Villamiel is a multimedia artist known for his large-scale installations consisting of objects found in local communities. His art career may have started later in life, but his installations have enthralled audiences for the past decade.

    He initially worked as a set designer for television, a leather bag craftsman and a successful t-shirt company entrepreneur before holding his first solo exhibition in The bullhorn installation was made to look like a terrain of weeds when viewed at a certain angle.

    famous filipino artists

    His massive installation Payatas, which features thousands of doll heads, was chosen to represent the Philippines in the Singapore Biennale exhibition in It took him two-and-a-half years to finish this work. Another Caloocan native, Dexter practices a variety of mediums ranging from painting to street art and animation. Fernandez has exhibited extensively in top galleries in the Philippines and abroad, including in Paris, New York, and the Singapore Biennale.

    Brother to artist Diokno Pasilan, Neil is a Bacolod-born artist from a family of craftsmen and boat builders. He is a self-taught visual artist who displayed creativity as a child. Pasilan has moulded clay figures for most of his life and continues to use this in his work. Currently based in Manila, he has become known for his paintings that hold multiple layers, using different mediums to expose new forms. He illogically arranges texts and icons to compose a painting, depicting the human form in new ways.

    His work draws from popular culture, the media and mass consumerism. He also creates sculptures and massive art installations — such as his Bomba series — and blings out discarded Jukeboxes.

    Inhe initiated the Ax iS Art Project, promoting the local artist community in the chilly hill station of Baguio and the Cordilleras.

    Kawayan has held numerous solo exhibitions in the Philippines and abroad. He was a guest curator for the Singapore Biennale in Eustaquio is an artist who works in various mediums, experimenting with different materials through installation, drawing, and painting.

    The frames from her painting are cut, resulting in canvases that evoke images of wilted flowers and carcasses. Her sculptures are fashioned from fabric, covering objects with resin-treated silk or crochet. The object is then removed, to allow the fabric to retain its position, folds and drapes. Her work examines the ideas of perception and memory. Inher site-specific installation was featured in the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Born to a Dutch mother and Filipino father, Atienza continues to live both in the Philippines and Holland.

    Her video art reflects snapshots of reality and the environment drawn from her Filipino and Dutch roots. She is currently interested in using contemporary art as an aid to bring about social change. The Manila-based artist often refers to Filipino culture in his paintings, drawing from everyday scenes of local urban life, which sharply depict an imperfect world.


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