• Is corey goode dead

    Is corey goode dead

    Written by Dr Michael Salla on September 11, Posted in Featuredscience and technology. On December 17,Corey Goode uploaded two documents to his website that dealt with advanced technologies such as traversable wormholes and warp drives, which had been given to him by a confidential source. The two documents were part of a collection of 38 reports commissioned by the Defense Intelligence Agency DIA and have since been validated as authentic.

    Eric Davis, and the second co-authored by Dr. Richard Obousy and Davis. Dr Eric Davis provides Illustration of how a traversable wormhole works in one of his leaked documents. Greenewald wrote on January If they are genuine and they may be these documents do not appear that they were released under any official channels.

    When contacted by British researcher, Isaac Koi, Dr Davis expressed his surprise that two of the documents he had authored had been released to the public thereby officially confirming their authenticity:. All of my DIRD reports are in the set of 38 total. In a June 24 appearance on Coast to Coast radio, Davis said :.

    This is an astounding admission! For the first time since his emergence in latea leading scientist was on the public record in effectively stating that Goode was working with a Washington insider to reveal significant details of advanced space technologies being studied by the DIA!

    That is false. The first documents relating to these programs were made available through Goode and his own insider sources. The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that Goode has genuine insider sources from the DIA that are leaking documents to him, and he in turn is making them public.

    In a December 19, post on his Facebook page, Goode explained :. I have reached out to the authors and requested the other documents in this series as well as the reason they were given for producing them. I have also been shown some other documents that I may be able to share with you before long.

    Goode has since June been saying that there is a huge treasure trove of documents that deal with advanced technologies used by multiple secret space programs that are eventually going to be released. To read in very conservative types 2. The two DIA documents are the first concrete evidence that such a treasure trove exists. In order for insiders to facilitate the release of similar documents, Goode is currently moving forward with the idea of creating a website similar to Wikileaks where insiders can submit information via secure encrypted means for documents to be uploaded to the public realm without being identified.

    Waskosky concludes his blogpost with some very appropriate questions about the two leaked documents that Goode was the first to make publicly available:. At this point it seems that the proper question to be asking is not how Corey Goode received these documents so much as WHY Corey Goode was trusted or selected as a source to be delivering these documents during the same time period that Luis Elizondo and TTSA were assisting with the mainstream media widely disclosing this same program albeit sans-documentation.

    In a previous postI have commented upon a growing debate about whether or not the To The Stars Academy is a limited disclosure initiative controlled by the Deep State. If so, it would be natural to conclude that genuine insiders are looking for an alternative source for releasing their information, and Goode has been chosen by at least one Washington Beltway insider as a reliable source.

    Salla, Ph. Copyright Notice. Like this: Like LoadingThe following article was released to the public by Bill Ryan via his Project Avalon website on April 26, I am posting this for your awareness only.

    Corey Taylor

    It is up to you to discern if this has any relevance to your search for truth. I know it is hard for the alternative community to unify as there is so much convoluted information and so many different factions in many different alliance and cabal groups.

    Even if Goode or Cobra have been compromised in any way, they have contributed greatly to alternative community by exposing subject matter that is grossly ignored by the main stream media.

    As the cliche goes It's far from complete, but it presents a sample of some of the problems. By the way, the last time I conferred with Kerry Cassidy about this, she told me that she fully shares the view that Corey is compromised and is an unreliable witness.

    Or else, of course, she'd have interviewed him by now. He sent some messages in the middle of the night, that he denied any knowledge of. Claims about expertise can of course only be refuted by someone who really is an expert. Christine had been intrigued by Corey for a while, and had previously recommended him to be an Avalon Moderator an idea which the other mods had all rejected. The recorded audio took a great deal of editing, to make the published version a lot more coherent than the original really was.

    There were many long pauses, hesitations, ramblings, and stumblings. Corey stated that he was on quite heavy pain medication, was on disability, had problems with his memory, and had not been working for quite a while. This was a flat-out falsehood. I have all the original raw audio archived. It seemed as if he might know something, somehow, but by the time we reached December it was clear that he was damaged or compromised in some way.

    The forum has a duty of protection, as Milabs are real people with often real and very serious problems, that need the most expert help.

    Corey Goode on The Jenny McCarthy Show

    His wife Stacy then joined the forum, with username SilverPhoenix. All her posts can be searched for. Corey took her side in the ensuing fracas, while Stacy continued to vent, very much out of control. The ensuing firefight, all of which was instigated by Stacy and Corey, resulted in Stacy being unsubscribed, at which point Corey left of his own accord.

    is corey goode dead

    He was never banned from the forum. What happened after that was that Corey opened a blog page, now taken down by him but all of which has been archivedwhich was brimming with falsehoods and a deliberate, concerted attempt to smear Avalon publicly. I wrote to David to warn him of the documented history, but he was not interested.He describes himself as an IE, intuitive empath — precognitive abilities and strong emotional connections to those around him.

    Corey claims he did remote viewing, traveled via inter-dimensional portals, and on advanced space crafts, was present at ET federation meetings and is currently [] an integral part of the disclosure movement.

    According to Corey; his grandfather was a conscientious objector and did not want to fight in WW2. Instead, as Corey has said, his grandfather was offered to go into a program where they would do experiments on him to test the development of drugs for soldiers on the field, which was just a cover for a genetic manipulation program. Later offspring was blood tested for certain markers.

    According to Corey; not every family had offspring with the desired genetic traits. They were looking through entire families for maybe one individual and sometimes families would produce no individuals. Corey claims he was in for a 20 year and back program. You serve 20 years and come back to the original point in time you left. Corey says he was trained since childhood. That some days, when he was suppose to be at school, he was accentually taken to a secret facility to undergo training.

    In Corey was assigned to a twenty year service out in space. At that time, Corey says, was almost 17 years old. He was also asked to sign legal papers.

    It is unclear why organization of such proportions and abilities would bother with any sort of legality and left a paper trail, or why they would use paper at all. While in space, contact with the planet Earth was not allowed.

    After twenty years Corey was age regressed — made younger, as to how he was and brought back in time before he left. During his service, Corey claims he was being chemically debriefed with drug Scopolamine [Datura], and later an electronic alternative. Both methods were also used to blank slate him — selective memory wipe.

    Corey claims some were resistant to such methods, and their memories came back to them, or the methods had no effect at all. While under the influence of the drug, memories could also be implanted, via audio or visual stimuli. All of this was part of Project Artichoke. His initial online presence was on internet forums and a blog. One such forum was Project Avalon. After he had a bit of a fallout on Avalon, Corey went to The One Truth forum, where he again encountered several issues.Corey Todd Taylor born December 8, is an American singer, songwriter, actor and author.

    He is known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the bands Slipknot and Stone Sour. Taylor and Jim Root joined Stone Sour and re-started the band aroundplaying in the Des Moines area, and working on a demo.

    Advanced Technology Reports Leaked by Corey Goode Confirmed by Leading Scientist

    He joined Slipknot in to replace their original vocalist and has subsequently released six studio albums with them. After the first two Slipknot albums went PlatinumTaylor revived Stone Sour to record an album and tour in Before the series, there was a trailer for the horror film Halloween. Taylor said this "developed some sense of Slipknot in [himself]".

    He especially found songs like " Teddy Bear ", " In the Ghetto ", and " Suspicious Minds " to appeal to his interests the most, describing them as "good times". By age 15, he had developed a drug addiction and had overdosed on cocaine twice.

    She took legal custody of him so that he could continue going to school, and she helped him buy musical equipment. Inon an episode of Viceland 's The TherapistTaylor revealed that he was sexually abused at the age of 10 by a year-old friend. Taylor stated that he never told anyone about the incident until he was "probably 18" because his abuser "threatened to hurt [him] and threatened to hurt [his] mom".

    His ex-girlfriend's mother drove him to the hospital in Des Moines and doctors were able to resuscitate him. Taylor is a founding member of the American hard rock band Stone Sour. After he formed the band in [14] with drummer Joel Ekman, Shawn Economaki joined filling in the bass position, leaving the electric guitar position to be filled by Josh Rand.

    Stone Sour recorded a demo album inand another in InTaylor was approached by the metal band, Slipknot, resulting in him abandoning Stone Sour while they were recording a demo album with Sean McMahon at SR studios. Their self-titled debut album was released August 27,and it debuted at number 46 on the Billboard As a result, drummer Roy Mayorga was recruited, taking his place. Later, Corey Taylor announced the release of a concept double album with Stone Sour.

    During the process of making the double album, bassist Shawn Economaki left the band. He was temporarily replaced for touring purposes by Johny Chow. The first part was released in October and the second part in April There are 23 songs in total, 11 on the first part and 12 on the second. In addition to these two albums is a four-part comic book series written by Taylor and published by Dark Horse Comicswhich went on sale in With these albums came a story that was written by Taylor that coincide with the album.

    Fans can also construct a miniature "house of gold and bones" from the packaging design of the physical versions of the two albums. Taylor has also said that he would like to finish off the project by making the story into a movie but nothing has come of this yet. Of Slipknot's nine members, Corey was the sixth to join the band. Performing with Slipknot, he would also come to be known as "Number Eight", being that the band follows a numbering scheme for its members, ranging from 0—8.

    According to Shawn CrahanCorey wanted number eight, because it symbolizes infinity. During his first gig, Taylor was performing with a facepaint instead of a mask; however, for his second show on September 12, Corey wore a mask that resembles his debut album mask. Taylor has recorded with Slipknot since the release of their second demo albuma self-titled demo used to promote the band to prospective labels and producers.

    At one point, he was heavily involved in the recording of thrash metal band Anthrax 's album, Worship Musicbut the sessions remain unreleased. In an interview with Billboard magazineTaylor confirmed that on January 13,he was planning on making a solo albumas well as returning to his side project Stone Sour after Slipknot 's All Hope Is Gone World Tour. On December 4,Taylor joined the cast of Fear Clinic.

    He played Bauer, one of the employees of the clinic who struggles to keep things under control when all hell breaks loose. He appeared in the horror film Bullied.

    Taylor also appeared as a cameo in Sharknado 4.T here have been many episodes of the Cosmic Disclosure series which were beyond impressive. Many of the revelations within these episodes connote possible realities that would boggle the mind of anyone in the surface population if proven true.

    It seems that each time a new revelation comes forward, we are left with a sort of reverberating thought of the likelihood that our perceived reality could only be a mere fraction of all there is to know. This episode's discussion did not disappoint.

    There were numerous subjects which were intriguing, concerning, astounding, and ones which were significantly encouraging. Depending upon our personality and our ability to envision positive outcomes in life, we will ultimately perceive our possible situation the way in which we choose.

    A few of the disclosures presented in the discussion may sound somewhat different than in the past, as numerous pieces of new intel have come forward.

    is corey goode dead

    These will likely be interesting overall, but upon close examination, these disclosures may prove to be extremely impacting and even inspirational for our present and the coming months and years.

    These disclosures seem to represent a significant level of change taking place in the dynamic of our planetary development as well as our solar system and heliosphere as a whole. From observation, it seems clear that the end of and the beginning of represented a significant transition for society. On a personal level, I have witnessed numerous people reach closure on various facets of life and immediately afterward, these individuals had experiences of profound renewal.

    This time period seemed to be one of great progress—old relationships appear to be ending and new ones are beginning. This does not at all appear to be the normal level of transition which occurs at the beginning of a new year. This transition, it seems, is entirely new. Following this trend of profound endings and beginnings, the experiences which Corey Goode initially claimed now appear to be coming full circle. According to Goode's testimony, there are significant completions and closures happening right alongside some of the most profound beginnings a person might experience.

    If these testimonies prove true, there could be some very interesting times ahead for many of those who choose progress along the path of awakening. It is very interesting to hear the proposal that many ancient Earth civilizations actually came from different planets in different star systems. According to Goode, some of these civilizations actually came to the Earth as refugees and were possibly relocated here due to significant changes occurring on their home planet.

    I find these possibilities especially interesting specifically because they directly relate with the testimony we have heard from Corey in the past. The likelihood that the Earth will be going through drastic changes on the surface and that these changes may even require our own temporary vacation from the planet's surface may give credence to the possibility of planetary ascension. It has been stated numerous times how both ancient prophecies and modern science suggest that when a planet undergoes ascension i.

    is corey goode dead

    Volcanoes may erupt, oceans can be displaced, entire continents may rise out of oceans while others sink into the sea, all while the planet experiences an extended period of earthquakes. This means that when a solar system inters a galactic sector which contains higher energetic intensity, the star and the planets around it must adjust to align with the new levels of intensity.

    This may be the process which is causing our solar system to change in all of the significant ways which current science has found it to be. If these changes occurred periodically within different star systems over the millennia, and refugees from those planets needed somewhere to crash for a few generation, it would make sense that they would make the Earth their temporary home.

    These visitations may explain the various cultures of ancient times that showed many signs of being far more developed than other Earth cultures those we might consider primitivewhich occupied the planet during these same periods in history. It is definitely possible, in my view, that these solar flashes have already begun. A month's observation of solar activity may tell us that our sun is not at all behaving as it usually might.

    The data does not always seem to match the apparent results of our sun, and this is possibly the most unusual aspect of our present time. Could it be that NASA and various SSP factions are deliberately fudging the solar data so that we do not receive accurate information about the sun? If so, is there really a need to keep such information hidden?

    These are only mere possibilities. However, it is always good to consider the potential progression of our current situation, seeing that so much of it is unknown. These attempts of escape by negative forces via the portal system have been discussed by numerous sources. In fact, the attempted Cabal escapes are reported to be virtually impossible at this point.One is Corey Goode, described as having….

    Love that gibberish and the claims people make. But wait, it gets better. Goode is described on a site he co-authors as:. MILAB is a term coined for the military abduction of a person that indoctrinates and trains them for any number of military black ops programs. All that malarky packed into such a small space. But as silly as it seems to the literati, it nonetheless preys on the gullible you know, the folks who are following Donald Trump right now….

    Like little birds cheeping for food, they demand more of this nonsense. No man has ever orbited, landed on, or walked upon the moon in any publicly known space program. If man has ever truly been to the moon it has been done in secret and with a far different technology. Goode and Wilcox make their living from gullible idiots like this. Thanks to the internet, they and their compatriots in scam have a wide-reaching platform for their idiocy which, like ants to honey, attracts the hard-of-thinking.

    It is self-described as…. Goode himself says of this looniness. A large network of porous caverns that range larger than the size of Texas. Huge, huge caverns that run all the way, you know, to about 40 miles below the surface, the crust, where it goes down to the mantle.

    At 12 km 7. At 15 km, the estimate was for C. Goode fails to explain how creatures can live in temperatures that would melt copper,zinc, bronze and even brass, a little deeper.

    Boiling blood? Not a problem! I know, I know.

    is corey goode dead

    Get up off the floor. He was probably looking at his iPad while stoned…. The second wingnut in this duo is David Wilcox no relation to the Canadian rock and roll guitarist…described as…. Newspeak at its finest. This energetic upliftment is so powerful that it apparently draws the attention of many different ET races for various purposes.

    And you thought homeopathy was the pinnacle of bunkum! This leaves it behind in the metaphorical dust.Having researched disinformation tactics for the last 5 years, I am now publishing a series of articles on the subject.

    While keeping most of their advanced technology and space programs a secret from the public in the name of security and to continue to manipulate the truth. Over time my enthusiasm dwindled and eventually soured. I wrote a series of articles at first praising this show for finally confirming the stories of many whistleblowers, well researched books, YouTube videos and internet articles concerning the Secret Space Program, I had come across over the years.

    But over time I began too question certain aspects and inconsistencies in Corey Goode's story. Steven Greer, Christine Anderson and Randy Maugans, it is time to review this article and see how it stacks up with what these other major players are saying. Is this why Corey Goode and business partner Roger Ramsaur have created a publishing company geared towards creating a comic book and video games?

    After becoming disenchanted with the Cosmic Exposure Show, I then began to research the stories of the many whistleblowers and insiders that had come forward over the years to share their version of the SSP with the public. What I learned, I turned into a series of articles featuring their stories. Their stories are similar in nature, the only difference being what these SSP Insiders remember and what they do with the information and skills they have acquired from being involved in the secret programs.

    Below is a list of these articles, in order of when they were published, showing the progression of my research and how I slowly went from die-hard fan to disenchanted critic. I have all of David Wilcocks books and two of them were signed by him, when I met and talked to him, at one of his lectures in I began writing about Full Disclosure as early as but it wasn't in connection with the Secret Space Program however these articles shown below, do concentrate on this topic and show the progression of my research.

    Explore the topics that make this the number social issue for mankind, while learning how you can contribute. Disinformation is a tactic used by Governments, Institutions and Corporations worldwide to confuse the public, the competition and potential enemies. It is designed to distract, confuse and misinform the opposition in order to hide the truth.

    The term became popular in the United States in the early s during the Reagan Administration, when the President used the term to describe propaganda and misinformation to the press.

    Michael Sweeneydescribes 25 different tactics, organizations and individuals use to discredit, confuse and mislead their detractors and how they implement these practices. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Not reporting information or the Lie of Omission, is a very effective way of censoring information.

    Because most people will not look any further for the truth than the first idea presented to them that fits their paradigm and makes any sense. Become incredulous and indignant. To avoid answering revealing questions, one simply uses the "How Dare You Question" My Authority angle and change the subject. Create rumor mongers. Use a straw man.


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