• John deere 6420 fuel solenoid

    John deere 6420 fuel solenoid

    Did you mean: john deere fuel shutoff solenoid 1 items? Skip to main content. Include description. Carburetor 19 Items Fuel Shut Off 13 Items Solenoid 5 Items 5. Not Specified 6 Items 6. China 5 Items 5. United States 1 Items 1. Not Specified 37 Items John Deere 29 Items Unbranded 19 Items Kawasaki 2 Items 2. Not Specified 9 Items 9. Power Source. Diesel 1 Items 1. Not Specified 42 Items Not Specified 20 Items New 36 Items Used 7 Items 7.

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    Sign Up. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of John Deere fuel problems I have a JD that started running rough replaced both fuel filters. Noticed that fuel does not come out bleeder on filter nearest the cab. Checked fuel pump and it appears to be working good. Can work with filters ie refilling filters and working with bleeder to get air out and tractor will start and run perfect all day long after sitting over night same problem.


    Have problem with fuel gauge not registering correctly showing empty then it goes back to working. Got fuel sensor switch code yesterday and gauge for water in bowl, blinks when running rough.

    Anybody have any ideas? What happened to the good ole days before computers. Reply With Quote. Re: John Deere fuel problems NEVER open the filter near the cabin, it would only suck air into it because the pump is ahead of it, sucking To bleed open the front filter, choose the screw that has an arrow pointing out of the filter.

    If you have a leak in the "suction side" of the pump you won't notice it, and over night you'll have air in the system. Many times, the fuel line that connects the tank to the first filter has a leak provoked by the wider part of the fitter if you open the hose with your knife you'll notice something like a needle hole.

    Have that fuel line replaced and also the one that connects that first filter to the pump. You may have some other problem with the injection pump in the worst scenario If you find the problem, please come back with the answer, people always likes to know. Good luck. Re: John Deere fuel problems. Originally Posted by MightyReek. NEVER open the filter near the cabin, it would only suck air into it because the pump is ahead of it, sucking An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.

    Originally Posted by PhillipD I have a JD that started running rough replaced both fuel filters. Originally Posted by JasG. This tractor should have a lift pump in the tank that pushes fuel through the filters to the injection pump. With the key in the run position engine off he should be able to open the bleed screws on either filter housing, one at a time and bleed air out.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store.

    Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Deere Fuel selinoid fills with oil When my John Deere had about hours it wouldn't start because I eventually discovered the fuel solenoid had filled with engine oil and that pressure stopped the piston from retracting. I replaced it with a new one I was no longer under warranty because the first year I used it very little. About a month later the same thing happened, but this time I took it out and kept working the piston by hand to get as much oil out as possible,and it temporarily fixed it.

    Still, I have the same problem after a months use or when its parked on a slope. Can someone point me to a hopefully easy fix to this problem? Reply With Quote. The engine oil inside the FI pump is used to lubricate it, as I am sure you know.

    There must be a failed internal seal that keeps oil from filling up the solenoid. This is one of the few parts of my I have NOT taken apart. Good luck, and report back on your fix. Re: Deere Fuel selinoid fills with oil I'' bet the dreaded thermistor strikes again.

    The fuel solinoid has two winding, pull in and hold. The thermistor located behind the fuse panel controls the pull in windings. Turn the ignition key on. If you don't hear the "clack" of the solinoid pulling in, touch a ground to the white wire at the solinoid with the key "on".Please use the navigational links to explore our website.

    Search for this text Search. Fuel Solenoid. View Cart. New, aftermarket John Deere Fuel Solenoid for sale with a solid manufacturer warranty.

    In addition, we have a generous day return policy if this item needs to be returned for any reason. Please see our Parts Warranty and Return Policy links on your left for complete details before returning.

    Yesterday's Tractor Co. Our extensive research has helped us identify these parts and make them available through our online catalogs. If you can't locate what you need or have questions feel free to call us. Shipping charges will be displayed in your online shopping cart.

    To purchase this fuel solenoid, click the "Add to Cart" button. As one of the largest suppliers of new and rebuilt John Deere tractor parts we most likely have the fuel solenoid you need. Use the information above including the fuel solenoid part number and picture if available to assist you in making your decision to purchase.

    If you are looking for a different fuel solenoid, or have trouble locating the John Deere parts you need, we have MANY parts that are not listed on our website so feel free to contact us.

    john deere 6420 fuel solenoid

    None of these trademark holders are affiliated with Yesterday's Tractor Co. John Deere and its logos are the registered trademarks of the John Deere Corporation.PowrReverser: Transmission gear shift lever not in neutral position. Low coolant temperature. Fuel pump not functioning properly. Engine overheating. Operating at too fast ground speed for conditions.

    Dirty or faulty fuel injectors. Implement improperly adjusted. Implement improperly adjusted, causing drag on machine. Check 3 pin connector on alternator is plugged in properly. Neutral start switch faulty. Key switch or starter faulty. PowrReverser: Transmission gear shift lever not in proper position. Defective bulb or switch. Defective door switch es. Loose, defective or blown fusible link. Blown blower resistance assembly. Low coolant level.

    Welcome! Please use the navigational links to explore our website.

    Check coolant level; add if necessary. Heater control valve not functioning properly. Heater core or hoses clogged or damaged. Flush cooling system. Replace heater core or hoses. Defective compressor clutch. Faulty blower fan motors.

    Defective blower switch. Water leaking or dripping from evaporator core compartment. Partial frosting and sweating of lines combined with poor cooling. Restricted or clogged liquid line. Expansion valve malfunctioning.

    John Deere Parts

    Control dial set too low. Adjust temperature control to a warmer position. Refrigerant is lost or extremely low.At John Deere, you get the value of choice for your replacement and maintenance parts for all makes and ages of machines — at any budget. Search parts for your tractors, lawn mowers, ag equipment, and more.

    john deere 6420 fuel solenoid

    And, although our batteries are branded John Deere, they fit most any brand of vehicle or equipment. Plus, they are backed by an excellent warranty to keep your equipment moving. Genuine John Deere parts are specifically designed to maximize performance and maintain emissions compliance. As a company, we are dedicated to keeping our dealers equipped with the necessary products and services to maintain this leadership role.

    As a John Deere owner, when it's time to maintain, service or repair your equipment we have easy-to-use information sheets that keep your John Deere equipment running well. You operate the best equipment.

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    john deere 6420 fuel solenoid

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