• Rare magical herbs

    Rare magical herbs

    Used in countless love spells. Used in charm bags to attract money, love and purity and also to drive away evil. Believed to destroy psychic attacks, curses, hexes, jinxes and evil spirits. To free oneself and home from evil energies. Add a few drops to the bath wash and scrub water to purify and protect the home and self from all forms of negative energy.

    It is considered the most potent hexing or cursing agent available. Bats blood is usually used in spells designed to curse another. Wards off evil. Make a tea and sprinkle around the home to be rid of all forms of evil. Comes with a sexy love spell. Herb used in some of forkjoin mergemap more famous love potions mentioned in magical texts.

    Pure gum camphor is difficult to obtain. Used in magic formulas and spells to avert evil. A tiny amount burned in charcoal as an incense is said to rid the area of any negative energy. A very sexy herb used in the magic of passion and lust.

    Said to make sexual partnerships sizzle when used properly. Generally used to attract and hold a lover. Often used in the bath to become more attractive.

    Also said to aid the user to overcome adversity, one of the best protective herbs. Said to be a potent psychic herb used in the magic of contacting the spirits. It is considered the most potent uncrossing herb available. Dragons blood can be added to the bath, burned as an incense or carried in a mojo bag. It is considered one of the most potent uncrossing herbs available. Dragon's Tears can be carried in a red mojo bag to ward evil away.

    List Of MEDICINAL,HERB, AYURVEDIC Plants - Rare Medicine Herb Plants India

    Used in love, money, success and uncrossing magic, this herb should be carried in mojo bag, used in the bath, added to incenses etc. When carried in a green mojo bag is said to bring money.

    Spikenard is often used in formulas and potions as well as incense.Have you ever walked down the herbal aisle of your local health food store and found a really interesting selection of herbs?

    Then perhaps later you went to another health food store and you found the same selection of herbs, as if these are the only edible herbs on this earth?

    Have you ever wondered if there were other herbs, lesser known, or perhaps not as popular, but that still contain powerful healing compounds? Well, you are absolutely right. There are thousands of them, all with their own unique healing capabilities. Sometimes these lesser known herbs can be rather pricey, but if you do some shopping online, chances are good that you can find some that are more reasonably priced. Another option would be to buy seeds and try to grow some on your own.

    Greenthread is a group of flowering herbs of the genus thelesperma, from the Asteraceae family. This herb is a powerful diuretic and anti-inflammatory that has been used by Native Americans for hundreds, or perhaps thousands of years. This tea is great for detoxifying and is one of the best ways to stop a urinary tract infection or for soothing an achy tummy. This pretty plant grows very easily from seed. Agrimonia is one of more than a dozen species of the Rosacea family that include apples, almonds, and roses.

    This herb comes from the Greek word Argemone, which means plant that heals the eyes. Historically, then, it is no surprise that this herb has been used to treat eye aliments. It is also good for skin conditions, sore throats and coughs, as well as helping the body to relax so you can fall asleep naturally. Not to be confused with anise, although it does have a similar taste. Aniseed pimpinella anisum is super effective at improving the digestion, easing nausea and gas, as well as increasing the milk supply of nursing mothers.

    This is another herb that is great for sore throats, coughs, congestion, and to ease feelings of anxiety. As you might have already guessed from the name, this herb is related to the peppermint and spearmint family.

    You might know this as catnip but the funny thing is that catmint has the exact opposite effect on humans as it does on cats. Catmint tea can relieve sore throats, headaches, sinus pressure, and reduce fever.

    You can actually apply wet leaves to wounds to stop bleeding and reduce swelling. Drinking catmint tea can also calm down jangled nerves and help you sleep. Like most mint plants, catmint nepeta cataria is super easy to grow, even from seeds and has beautiful purple flowers that attract bees and butterflies. This herb is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and drinking the tea regularly can help stop the pain and swelling of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Feverfew is also one of the few herbal remedies that actually works when it comes to fighting migraine headaches.

    When it comes to relieving body aches and general pain, or for relieving anxiety and tension, including tension headaches, very few herbs are as effective as Feverfew. This herb has a wonderful flavor, something like a cross between a lemon, a celery, and anise. Its wonderfully unique flavor makes it a joy to cook with. Lovage levisticum officinale is also a great digestion soother along with cleansing abilities to the gastrointestinal tract.

    Dangerous Herbs

    Lovage can also help to ease the pain caused from stomach ulcers. You can even add lovage to your bath water to help ease the pain and discomfort of inflammatory skin problems. This plant has thick, dark green foliage that would complement any garden.We have been and will continue to follow all the CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers.

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    We apologize for the inconvenience. See you there! The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Occult Shop "Herbs and Roots, along with a select few mineral and animal curios, are the most important elements in traditional hoodoo.

    rare magical herbs

    They are used as the basis for all manner of oilspowdersincenseswashesperfumesmojo handsspell bottlesand tricks laid down to be walked over -- and for this reason, Southern conjures are called 'root doctors' and when folk jinx their enemies they 'put roots on them. COM contain short excerpts about each herb from "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic," and are used with permission of catherine yronwode.

    Collecting all the labels by buying all of the products is one way to learn about them, but better yet, just buy the book itself; the entries for each herb are longer and contain more spells than the labels do. Generally the green herbs will completely stuff full one of our 3" x 5" packets, while brown roots will have about half that volume, due to their greater density and the fact that the plants must be sacrificed in order to gather the roots.

    Some rare and slow-growing roots such as Ginseng and Golden Seal will be supplied in very small quantities, yet still sufficient to perform a spell or add them to a mojo bag. Any rare roots which are sold whole only and weigh out to more than the standard price for herbs are listed below in the separate category called Special Whole Root Curios.

    Name of Herb: Acacia Leaves Use in Magic: Symbolizes the afterlife; the leaves are burned on charcoal to develop personal power. Powder, for making your own sachet powders. We also sell Calamus Essential Oil for anointing roots. Name of Herb: Damiana Leaves Use in Magic: Used to draw a new lover, to intensify sexual passion, or to bring back a straying lover. Name of Herb: Elder Flowers Use in Magic: Sprinkled around property or carried for protection from criminals and from the law.

    Name of Herb: Fenugreek Seeds Use in Magic: Carried with your money for prosperity, increase in wages, lucky money-finding, and wealth. Name of Herb: Holly Use in Magic: For magic spells of protection of the home, to invite helpful spirits into the household. Chips and Pieces, for making your own dressing oil.

    We also sell John the Conqueror Oil for anointing roots. Name of Herb: Lemon Grass Use in Magic: For protection and to increase the power of all amulets; also for a good sexual time. Name of Herb: Mace Powder Use in Magic: Mace can be burned in incenses to enhance psychic abilities or increase mental powers.

    Name of Herb: Nutmeg Powder Use in Magic: A most powerful lucky charm is made from it by gamblers to bring in the winnings. Name of Herb: Patchouli Leaves Use in Magic: Used in both love-drawing and money-drawing magic rites, and to break jinxes. Powder, used in dusting papers and making sachets. Name of Herb: Rattlesnake Master Use in Magic: For magickal protection from actual and symbolic "snakes in the grass". Botanical and Mineral Curios do not qualify for this special.Many herbs are fine for people, but toxic to household pets.

    Still other herbs can be used by anyone but pregnant women. It is a list of some commonly used herbs that can be dangerous to pregnant women or household pets.

    Many can cause miscarriage if ingested. Basil : Can induce menstruation. Catnip : Uterine stimulant, can cause contractions. Mistletoe : Can induce miscarriage.

    Mugwort : Can stimulate menstruation, may also cause birth defects. Pennyroyal : Can stimulate uterine contractions.

    20 of the Most Underused and Little Known Healing Herbs on the Planet

    Rosemary : Can cause contractions. Yarrow : Can bring on menstruation. If you believe your pet may have ingested an herb that is dangerous, call your vet immediately. Buckeye : Can cause vomiting and diarrhea in both dogs and cats — excessive consumption can lead to seizures and muscular tremors. Chamomile : Can cause diarrhea and vomiting in both dogs and cats. Foxglove: Can lead to abnormal or elevated heart rate, arrhythmias, and even death in cats and dogs.

    Jimson weed: Can lead to dilated pupils, anxiety, light sensitivity and restlessness, not just in cats and dogs, but in larger animals as well, including horses and cattle. Mistletoe berries : Can cause drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain in both cats and dogs.

    Excessive amounts ingested can lead to death. Pennyroyal oil : Although the dried leaves of the pennyroyal plant are generally harmless, the essential oil can cause liver failure if ingested. It has also been shown to induce miscarriage in pregnant cats. Tobacco : Can cause anywhere from moderate to severe vomiting, elevated or abnormal heart rate and respiration, overstimulation, or even paralysis or death in both cats and dogs.

    There are a number of ways to avoid poisoning yourself - or your pets and family members - with herbs, and nearly all of them involve using some basic common sense. Another way to virtually guarantee your own safety is by not ingesting an herb that you're unfamiliar with. Use your magical herbs in sachets, to dress candles, or stuff poppets, but don't eat or drink them unless you're absolutely certain it's safe to do so.

    The bottom line? Use caution and common sense, and if you're in any doubt about an herb's safety, don't use it.

    rare magical herbs

    Share Flipboard Email. Patti Wigington.We are currently shipping items based on Open hardiness zones, and on a first come first ship basis. Find Your Zone. The Growers Exchange specializes in herb plants - we are the source for the unusual and rare herbs that are hard to find.

    We are constantly adding new herb plants to our rare collection and look for plants with historical and spiritual significance, as well as usefulness: culinary, medicinal, aromatic, and ornamental. Our plants are big, healthy, well rooted and ready to plant - our standard pot is 3. They will have good top growth unless they are coming in or out of dormancy. We grow all of our plants to the point that they are ready to go into the ground or container. Search 0 Cart. Potted Plants. Download Now.

    Rare and Unusual Herb Plants. Kalitera ornamental ornamental grass ornamental herb pagan patchooli patchuli Persicaria odorata Pogostemon cablin patchouli Poterium sanguisorba protection herb Ram tulsi rare Rau Ram religious respiratory ruda Rumex acetosa ruta Ruta graveolens sacred basil sacred herb Salvia sclarea Scotch thistle sedative shade plant shady smudging prayer grass sorel sorell sorrel sorrell spiritual spiritual herb Stachys officianalis steevia Stevia rebaudiana succulent sweet annie sweet grass Symphytum officinale Tagetes lucida Tanacetum parthenium Tanacetum vulgare traditional wedding herb trumpet flower tulsi unique Valeriana officinalis vegetable Verbascum thapsus Verbena officinalis water tolerant witchcraft Withania somnifera wood betony wound wort woundwort.

    Lemongrass Sold Out. Cilantro 'Papalo' Sold Out. Toothache Plant Sold Out. Valerian Sold Out. Horehound Sold Out. Joe Pye Weed Sold Out.

    Rare and Unusual Herb Plants

    Vervain Sold Out. Oregano 'Cuban' Sold Out. Vick's Plant Sold Out. Costmary Sold Out.

    Rare occult herbs: Mandrake

    Artemisia 'Sweet Annie' Sold Out.Many of those who frequent our shop stand marveling at the Wall-O-Herb-Jars behind the desk, eyes wide with amazement.

    Which ones do I need? Well, Dear Readers, we are here to help. Following is a list of 13 basic herbs which we feel every magickal practitioner should have in his or her supply cupboard.

    These herbs will help you with almost any need or problem you may have, as we shall explain. Check the links to see more information and to purchase these items. Whether you prefer it in bundle or loose-leaf form, Sage is the most popular herb there is for cleansing and removing negative energy from your space.

    You can smudge your home or office, participants at a ritual, new possessions whose energy you mistrust — the options are almost limitless. For complete instructions on smudging with Sage, check our other blog entries! The most well-known and most popular herb for love spells ; it can be mixed into a love incense, added to a love drawing mojo bag, or sprinkled on your altar while burning love drawing candles or doing related spells. Red Rose is used for lust or passion, pink for friendship or other non-romantic love.

    Place a sachet of the flowers inside your pillowcase to help you relax, de-stress and sleep peacefully; replace with a fresh sachet every few weeks. Lavender is also said to attract love if used in a mojo bag. This is a wonderful all-purpose resin to have on hand. It is one of the most ancient incenses, suitable as a general offering, or more specifically as an offering to any male, sun, or fire deity. It banishes impure thoughts and attracts positive spiritual vibrations, and so is ideal to burn while praying or meditating.

    It can also be burned to attract money or success. Also known as Bay Laurel Leaf. Bay Leaves give protection, bring success and induce visions.

    rare magical herbs

    They can be added to a mojo bag for drawing money. Bay Leaves can also be brewed into a tea into which you dissolve Crown of Success bath crystals; this spiritual bath is poured over the head while praying for victory in sports, politics and war. Peppermint is a fine ingredient to include in any incense designed to increase prophetic dreams or psychic abilities. It can also be used for banishing, healing, and cleansing; brew into a tea and add to your bathwater or mop bucket to dispel evil or negative energy, or add it to your favorite incense blend when doing spells for these purposes.

    The resin is often used as a substitute for human or animal blood when working with antiquated incense or spell recipes. It will also add strength and power to any working. A chunk of the resin can be carried in a mojo bag for luck and protection. It is also used in uncrossing rituals by burning some of it at midnight for seven days. Make sure to have a window open while burning to give negative spirits an exit. Good quality Patchouli such as ours smells of rich earth, and so is frequently substituted for Graveyard Dirt in Goofer Dust mixtures.

    It is most commonly used for love drawing, money drawing or success; it can be added to any related incense or mojo bag. It can be mixed with Sandalwood and Quassia and carried in a green flannel bag anointed with money drawing oil in order to attract money and success. Sandalwood is another good all purpose herb, used for all manner of workings — from love to curses, healings to bindings, sacred offerings to banishings.

    Burned alone, Sandalwood cleanses and blesses a place, creates an atmosphere of love, and establishes sanctity. Sandalwood chips can be anointed with oils and added to mojo bags; sandalwood powder makes a fine base when making your own incense blends.This list of fictional plants describes invented plants that appear in works of fiction.

    The following plants appear in the David Attenborough sketch of the last Monty Python episode. Plants in Pandora have evolved according to the characteristics of their environment, which has an atmosphere that is thicker than on Earth, with higher concentrations of carbon dioxide, xenon and hydrogen sulfide. Gravity is weaker in Pandora, thereby giving rise to gigantism. There is a strong magnetic field, causing plants to develop 'magnetotropism'.

    A particularly intriguing quality of flora and fauna in Pandora is their ability to communicate with each other. This is explained in the movie as a phenomenon called 'signal transduction', pertaining to how plants perceive a signal and respond to it. Video games frequently feature fictional plants as items that can be collected by the player, or occasionally appear as non-player characters.

    The Black Mercy is an extraterrestrial hallucinogenic plant used a weapon by the supervillain Mongul. Described in the original story by Mongul as "something between a plant and an intelligent fungus", the Black Mercy attaches itself to its victims in a form of symbiosisand feeds from the victim's " bio-aura ".

    The organism is telepathic, and reads its victim's heart's desire, giving them a logical simulation and an ending that the victim wants, which the victim experiences an entirely immersive, virtual experience in which their actual surroundings are masked to them.

    According to Mongul, victims are capable of "shrugging off" the hallucination, though some find the experience too compelling too do so unaided. The Black Mercy is typically depicted as consisting of dark green, thorned vines that attach themselves to a humanoid victim's upper torso, with a set of pink flowers, each with a long, red, tentacle-like stigmagrowing in the center of the victim's chest.

    When Mongul first uses the Black Mercy on Superman, they burrow through his costume and into his body, able to penetrate his otherwise invulnerable skin because, Wonder Woman senses, they are at least partially magical, which is one of Superman's weaknesses. During his experience with the organism, Superman's breathing appears faint, and his ability to sense the fraudulent nature of the simulation it feeds him and fight it manifests as tears produced by his actual eyes.

    The Black Mercy can be pulled off a victim by a strong humanoid such as Batman, and Mongul uses special protective gauntlets to handle the plant safely.

    She states dealing with him is no different than dealing with Black Mercy, causing Scarecrow to ask her what is Black Mercy out of curiosity, causing Supergirl to describe it as an evil space plant. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


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