• What does trcb mean in jail

    What does trcb mean in jail

    Adjudication The act of a court in making an order, judgment, or decree. Age category The appropriate age category is determined by the respondent's age on the last day of the month preceding the interview.

    Aggravated assault An attack or attempted attack with a weapon, regardless of whether an injury occurred, and an attack without a weapon when serious injury results. With injury - An attack without a weapon when serious injury results or an attack with a weapon involving any injury. Serious injury includes broken bones, lost teeth, internal injuries, loss of consciousness, and any unspecified injury requiring two or more days of hospitalization.

    Threatened with a weapon - Threat or attempted attack by an offender armed with a gun, knife, or other object used as a weapon that does not result in victim injury. Annual household income The total household income for the 12 months preceding the interview.

    Includes wages, salaries, net income from businesses or farms, pensions, interest, dividends, rent, and any other source of monetary income of the head of household and all household members. Appellate Courts Any court of law that is empowered to hear an appeal of a trial court or other lower tribunal. Arrest The act of detaining in legal custody. An "arrest" is the deprivation of a person's liberty by legal authority in response to a criminal charge.

    Assault An unlawful physical attack or threat of attack. Assaults may be classified as aggravated or simple. Rape, attempted rape, and sexual assaults are excluded from this category, as well as robbery and attempted robbery. The severity of assaults ranges from minor threats to nearly fatal incidents. Assigned counsel The appointment from a list of private bar members who accept cases on a judge-by- judge, court-by-court, or case-by-case basis.

    This may include an administrative component and a set of rules and guidelines governing the appointment and processing of cases handled by the private bar members. AFIS computer equipment can scan fingerprint impressions or utilize electronically transmitted fingerprint images and automatically extract and digitize ridge details and other identifying characteristics in sufficient detail to enable the computer's searching and matching components to distinguish a single fingerprint from thousands or even millions of fingerprints previously scanned and stored in digital form in the computer's memory.

    The process eliminates the manual searching of fingerprint files and increases the speed and accuracy of ten-print processing arrest fingerprint cards and noncriminal justice applicant fingerprint cards.

    AFIS equipment also can be used to identify individuals from "latent" crime scene fingerprints, with even fragmentary prints of single fingers in some cases. Digital fingerprint images generated by AFIS equipment can be transmitted electronically to remote sites, eliminating the necessity of mailing fingerprint cards and providing remote access to AFIS fingerprint files.

    Bench trial nonjury trial A trial held in the absence of a jury and decided by a judge culminating in a judgment for the plaintiff s or defendant s. Body armor A protective piece designed to stop projectiles.

    Body armor can provide protection against a significant number of types of handgun ammunition, but unfortunately there is no such thing as bulletproof armor. Includes victimizations where the offender stole, attempted to steal, or did not attempt to steal.But, what exactly does this term mean? If you are like me, I like to keep things simple. Then, after the trial we were found guilty of all crimes and sentenced to death.

    The Judge accepts the offer, slams the gavel down, decrees that we are acquitted, and are now free to go home. Bear in mind that we committed every crime known to man, and because of double jeopardy, we can never be charged for any of these crimes again.

    Furthermore, because we were acquitted, these crimes will never appear on our record. Notice that the term is past tense which means that Christ already paid the penalty so that you could never be charged, thrown into prison, or sentenced to death again. However, Paul tells us that this is not true. Therefore, Faith is the means by which one arrives at the acceptance of justification which was already done by Christ at the time of His death. Thus, whether one believes or not does not change the immutable reality of the deed by God through the death of Christ.

    So what good is all of this information? Articles Books Free eBooks News. Article Categories. Free e-Books. Register Here. About Us. Contact Us. Rss Feed. By: Judy LeBlanc. Article Rating 5 stars :. Rate this Article:. Popular Articles by Judy LeBlanc. Popular Articles in Christianity.

    Popular Articles in Religion.We know we are missing a lot of abbreviations and acronyms. The judicial side is not being very cooperative at this point. We will continue to ask for the information that the public needs. Thank you for your patience. This is abbreviation is listed when an individual is already on a P.

    The letters after the slash are just the initials of the person who entered the data into the system. NG — Non-Guidelines. PR Bonds is now allowing all misdemeanor charges to be considered for a PR bond. The normal official guidelines have restrictions of what can be considered even for misdemeanors.

    In this case he refused two times. We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you. And it said case closed then said dismissal then created in error is it closed or not? Officers sometimes make mistakes when creating information in the computer.

    The way you write it, it almost sounds like the dismissal part was created in error. It still sounds like the case is closed but we recommend you either call the court the case was assigned to, to ask the court clerk about it or call the officers at the Front Desk at the jail. April — It sounds like one of the county courts is going to issue a warrant or already has issued a warrant. Kami — The letters after the slash are the initials of the person who entered the information into the computer.

    Jennifer — Thank you for this information. Tina — JN stands for judicial number. When that is closed out it means that the case is closed. Cindy — Nolo Contendere which is a way of pleading guilty without actually saying your guilty. The court reads the charges and you are saying you are not going to contest what they have charged you with.

    The person was given deferred adjudication which means there are some criteria he has to meet like paying a fine, doing some community service or whatever else the judge orders, for a specific period of time. Once he successfully meets that criteria the charge will be dismissed against him. Under the attorneys section of case details it says LDC above the lawyers name. What does LDC stand for please and thank you! Natalie — We need to see the rest of the comments. We think those may be the initials of the person who entered the information but need to see what else was listed to have a better idea.

    Gustavo — Surety bond in hand. The letters after the slash are the initials of the person who entered the information into the system. Roger — Two references.

    Roger — Because they make up their own codes. Tryin to get information from the jail and the magistrate is as frustrating for us as it is for everyone else. Barry — Whatever was being asked for was denied. Rebekah — SAFP is a substance abuse program.

    The notation is saying that the defendant is in that program.At the smaller stations and jails, the process can take from 2 to 4 hours. At some of the larger County jails, the process can take even longer.

    When the decision to release a defendant on O. Property bonds are very similar to purchasing or refinancing a home. It can be a long, detailed process which involves escrow, etc. Should the defendant fail to make all of their court mandated agreements, the court will have the right to foreclose on the property. The downside is the money can be held for months before it is returned.

    Also, should the defendant fail to make all required court appearances, the judge can order the cash bail forfeited.

    Drug smuggling operation busted at Polk County jail

    The money will be held and may not get it back. It also means the court trusts them enough to get back to court when ordered on the specific date. A Citation Release is generally used for traffic violations and infractions which may be minor in nature.

    The defendant must oblige by all of their court mandates, because if they do not, it is likely a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

    You can also contact a knowledgeable agent 24 hours a day at toll-free They are always happy to answer any of your questions. Options For Release From Jail.Jail booking codes are letters and numbers used by law enforcement to denote if a person is being charged with a felony, a misdemeanor or an infraction and to provide basic information about the offender. The type of charge is further broken down to indicate the specific crime the person is accused of committing, as explained by National Employment Screening.

    A booking code informs what jurisdiction is handling the case, and whether it is a federal, state or municipal offense. The code also describes the severity of the crime; infractions are the least serious offenses and usually carry only a fine — traffic citations are an example of a common infraction.

    How Prison Parole ACTUALLY Works

    Misdemeanors are a more serious crime and may carry short jail terms as a penalty; drunk driving is an example of a typical misdemeanor. Felonies are the most serious class of crimes and can result in long jail terms. Examples include burglary, drug dealing and murder, according to Background Checks. Other information contained in booking codes includes the date of the arrest, the agency handling the arrest, the arresting officer's name, and court dates and locations.

    The code also contains information describing the offender, such as gender, race and age, as described by Shelby County, Tennessee. Home World View. What Is a Felony Charge?A misdemeanor is any offense that is punishable under Florida laws, or that would be punishable if committed in Florida, by imprisonment in the local County jail. No case will be continued without Judge approval, unless you are scheduled for arraignment.

    Requests to continue any court proceedings must be done by filing a motion. Arraignments can be continued ONLY 1 time without Judge approval and must be done 2 days prior to your court date. Failure to appear could result in a Misdemeanor Judge issuing a capias for your arrest. You may forfeit the bond you posted, thus losing your money or collateral.

    Should you be arrested for failure to appear, you may be held in jail with or without a bond. Most files are public record, and can be viewed online here.

    Jail Tries Innovative Rehab Programme

    At your arraignment, you will have an opportunity to complete an Affidavit of Indigent Status form, and request the appointment of a public defender. The Misdemeanor Department will accept faxed documents.

    All parties using facsimile to file documents must make arrangements with each division for the payment of applicable fees before filing documents. At the conclusion of your case, the Clerk will withhold from the return of a cash bond, posted on behalf of a Criminal defendant by a person other than a bail bond agent, sufficient funds to pay any unpaid court fees, court costs, and Criminal penalties.

    If the amount posted is greater than the fees, costs, and penalties due, the balance will be applied to any case that remains with a payment due. Otherwise, the balance will be refunded to the depositor by mail, generally within fourteen days of the close of each case. You may want to seek the advice of counsel. You may file a pro se motion with the sentencing judge. Skip to content. Misdemeanor Cases. How do I request a continuance of my court date?

    Who should I notify if my address changes? What happens if I fail to appear for my court date? How do I find information about my case or other misdemeanor cases? What form of payment do you accept?

    Who do I make the check or money order payable to? How do I have a public defender appointed to my case? May I file a document by fax?ThriftyFun is one of the longest running frugal living communities on the Internet.

    What Are Jail Booking Codes?

    These are archives of older discussions. What does the disposition code "SP4" mean on the inmate information search on the lasd. I read that it could mean state prison four years or supervised probation, but I am not sure which one it could be. Once the inmate has left County jail, the release information section will show the date and time they were sent.

    So, I assume SP4 is just another level of documentation. I'd be willing to bet that since SP3 means they are in transportation stage that SP4 means they are transferred and set where they are going. The best way to get an accurate answer is to telephone the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and ask them. It generally means sexual predator 4 which is pretty bad here in Oregon. But yes, do ask or see if there is a legend you can look up. Good luck.

    SP4 means on his way to State Prison. I googled it. I put in the google. Sp, Sp3, Sp4 are all codes to the paper work filed by the county and prison. Sp3 paper work already filed and sent to the prison. So the inmate is waiting on the approval of the state or federal prison's. Sp4 paperwork already accepted and the inmate will be transferred out at anytime. Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question.

    What does the abbreviation " sp" mean for an inmate? By karla from Los Angeles. My friend is in jail waiting for trial. The last I heard he was going to trial last Monday, but I haven't heard anything. I went to look his name up on my county's jail roster and saw the code by his name changed from "CH" to "SE" with a P after it that has always been there.

    I have looked up and have not seen these charges. You could call the jail and ask them or a lawyer in your county. Advertisement This is a general question. You are not asking for personal information.

    Most likely the first is "charged" and the second is "sentenced". But yes, look it up or call them to be sure.


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